Pressure Decay, Vacuum Decay, Mass Flow Lid Deflection, Force Decay, Headspace Gas Analysis

Leak Detection

Vacuum Leak Test Systems

Leaks, even when they are small, can have a significant impact on the performance of a part or component or cause equipment to fail. Cracks and faulty seals are often the cause of these leaks, but they can often be detected by conducting vacuum testing on components prior to manufacturing.


Vacuum leak testing is the principal leak test method for testing sealed parts that could have leakage from an external source into their housings and casings. Prime candidates for vacuum leak test procedures include:


  • Underwater sensors or housings
  • Outdoor electrical housings
  • Sealed components
  • Components associated with vacuum sources

Pressure Decay Test Systems

Pressure decay leak testing is the most commonly used today. Its simplicity makes it easy to automate and to integrate into production/assembly processes.


In simplest terms, the pressure decay test fills a pressure vessel with air until it reaches its target pressure, cuts the air source to isolate the pressure, and measures the decay (loss) of that pressure over a set period of time; any loss in pressure indicates a leak. The sensitivity of the pressure decay method is a function of the test part’s size and the test time. Most tests can be performed rather quickly, with highly accurate results, but the larger the part, the longer the cycle time that is required to achieve an accurate test result.


Benefits of Pressure Decay Leak Testing


  • Sensitive enough to detect very small leaks
  • Can test in pressure or vacuum environments
  • Determines a leak rate based on pressure or vacuum
  • Can calibrate to a volumetric flow
  • Can report pressure or flow loss (psig or scc/min)
  • Provides a simple and highly effective leak test method


sigPOD Process Monitoring Systems

sigPOD delivers the real-time pass-fail feedback and the advanced defect detection capabilities to catch quality issues fast using advanced signature analysis and process signature verification.


sigPOD can be deployed across the production line with virtually any manufacturing process, including crimp, dispense, force-distance monitoring, torque, noise and vibration, gauge and profile, weld, and more.


QualityWorX Data Intelligence Software Suite

As the number of connected systems in an industrial environment increases, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of data and manufacturing metrics to quickly resolve issues and proactively manage production.


Sciemetric’s Data Intelligence software suite is an Industry 4.0 solution for manufacturers looking to unlock the potential of production data to make improvements across the line and the enterprise.

Introducing the QualityWorX CTS DataHub

Turnkey system for production data analysis

The QualityWorX CTS DataHub is a turnkey platform that consists of a host PC and Sciemetric Studio analytics software. Developed in partnership between Sciemetric and Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), it allows you to start collecting and analyzing real-time data from up to five CTS Sentinel leak test instruments or Sciemetric sigPOD in-process test monitors within minutes of setup.

Leak Tester Calibration

Instrument Recalibration Process

  • Our instrument calibration service includes thorough pressure and flow circuit tests to determine instrument accuracy across all pressure ranges
  • To ensure accuracy and repeatability, BTD uses the same pressure calibration and flow calibration systems for recalibration that we do for initial in-house equipment calibration
  • A specially trained technician performs an inspection and runs the instrument’s self-test cycle to determine the overall condition of your Sentinel instrument
  • Each transducer range is digitally recalibrated using a multi-point pressure calibration process and, if equipped, a multi-point flow calibration process
  • All pressure calibration and flow calibration is performed with certified gages traceable to NIST standards
  • We perform complete instrument system backup to a USB flash drive
  • Upon completion, we issue a BTD Calibration Certificate to document “as found” and “as left” specifications

On-Site Recalibration


To provide the recalibration service you need without causing undue disruption of your day-to-day operations, we offer both factory and on-site equipment calibration.


For BTD factory equipment calibration, simply disconnect your instrument and ship it back to our manufacturing facility.


For on-site instrument calibration service, our technician(s) will travel to your facility on a scheduled service call. Your instrument remains connected while we recalibrate and recertify its accuracy. A key advantage of on-site equipment calibration is reduced machine downtime—your leak test instrument will be fully recalibrated and back in production with minimal delay.

Sentinel Blackbelt Pro

Introducing the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro

… The Next Generation of Multi-Test Instrumentation

The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro™ is our Next Generation of multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel test instrumentation. It manages and executes 4 part tests synchronous or asynchronous, at different stations, and all under the control of one Blackbelt Pro instrument.

Introducing the DMD-02

Barcode Program Select ¤ Keyboard Entry ¤ Print Labels

The DMD is designed to be a customizable accessory to the CTS Sentinel line of testers. The DMD will allow Program selection via Barcode San, Print Labels, Format Test Data, Deliver Data via RS-232, RS-485, CanBus or Ethernet Telnet Session.